Join our 2-day interactive workshop designed to dissolve stress from the mind, body, and brain returning you to your natural state of wellbeing.

Understanding Stress


The most current statistics link stress to the underlying cause of disease, depression, lack of motivation, toxic work environments and fractured families. Stress creates an illusion of productivity and progress while sowing destruction within the ecosystem of life.

Stress Statistics and Effects

Rising Epidemic

75% of adults reported experiencing moderate to high levels of stress in the past month.

Workplace Woes

Stress accounts for nearly 30% of all work-related disability claims.

Health Hazards

Chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death, including heart disease and cancer.

Mental Health

Approximately 1 in 5 adults experience mental health issues each year, with stress being a key factor.

Youth Impact

Over 50% of teenagers report feeling overwhelmed by stress and 45% lay awake at night due to stress.

Productivity Plummet

Companies lose an estimated 300 billion dollars annually due to workplace stress affecting performance.

Family Fallout

Stress is cited as a significant contributor to divorce and family strife in over 40% of cases.

Global Grip

Stress-related searches on the internet have increased by over 200% in the last five years, indicating a global rise in awareness and concern.


Insightful and Transformative

Our program blends ancient wisdom with scientific techniques. It is designed as a clear-cut solution to mental and emotional stress for you, your family, and your workplace.

Multidimensional Cleansing

Stress Detox provides relevant insights and impactful meditative practices that purify you across various dimensions. It dynamically cleanses the body, brain, and mind of stress from the inside-out.

Enhanced Positivity:
Rewire your brain for a more positive outlook on life and daily interactions.

Boosted Energy:
Revitalize your energy to face life’s challenges with ease and enthusiasm.

Deepened Calm:
Cultivate an unwavering internal calm during external chaos.

Greater Clarity:
Achieve mental acuity and clear focus for solution-driven thinking.

Fostering Love:
Open your heart to compassion and authentic relationships.

Gain fearless confidence to realize your potential.

Transform Your Life Inside and Out

Rising Leadership

“Post Stress Detox, our team’s synergy is unparalleled. Productivity has soared, and so has joy at work.”
Sophia Rodriguez, Director of Strategy

Cultural Renaissance

“Our office culture has shifted to a thriving hub of support and innovation, all thanks to Stress Detox.”
James O’Neill, Founder & CEO

Harmonious Relations

“Personal relationships at work have improved dramatically. There’s a newfound ease and understanding.”
Lily Thomas, HR Director

Grace Under Pressure

“Challenges that once rattled us now meet a team calm and ready. Our resilience is the talk of the industry.”
Oliver Zimmerman, Senior Project Lead

Unified Success

”The Detox led to an unexpected outcome: our teams work as a united front, driving us to new heights of success.”
Aisha Al Mansoori, Chief Financial Officer

Stress Detox

Comprehensive Course Outline

Stress Detox spans two full days, providing 14 hours of immersive and transformative experiences designed for deep stress relief and personal growth.

Day 1: Foundations of DetoxMorning Sessions: Introduction to Stress Detox, Understanding Stress and Its Impact, Beginning Meditation Practices

Afternoon Sessions: Deep Dive Meditation for Body Relaxation, Group Discussions on Personal Stressors, Interactive Activities for Stress Awareness

Day 2: Advanced Techniques and Integration
Morning Sessions: Advanced Meditation Techniques, Techniques for Emotional Release, Personal Stress Management Strategies
Afternoon Sessions: Group Healing Sessions, Implementing Stress Detox in Daily Life, Closing Ceremonies with Meditation

Activities Include:

Guided Meditations:
To calm the mind and reset the nervous system.

Interactive Sessions:
Where participants share and learn from each other’s experiences.

Educational Talks:

Insights into the science of stress and technologies for dissolving them.

Group Discussions:
To foster community support and deepen understanding.

Personal Reflection:
Time set aside for journaling and personal contemplation.


Press the pause button on the chaos of your everyday life and embark on a transformative journey that will refresh your mind, revitalize your body, and renew your spirit. Secure your spot today and gain access to practical wisdom, exclusive meditation technology, and a supportive community dedicated to your personal growth.

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Community Support: Join a network of like-minded individuals on a similar path of wellness.

Expert Guidance: Learn from the profound insights of experienced trainers from Oneness.
Community Support: Join a global network of like-minded individuals on a similar path to wellness.


“Since completing the Stress Detox program, I’ve achieved a level of calm I never thought possible.”

– John D., Program Alumnus

“Absolutely transformative! The techniques I learned have become invaluable tools in my daily life.”

– Maria S., Dedicated Participant

“Joining the Stress Detox from Oneness program was the best decision for our team’s cohesion and overall well-being.”

– Emily R., Corporate HR Manager

“Instead of stress management this awesome course actually cleared my stress and restored my energy levels through the deep relaxation I felt at the core of my being.”

– Mackenzie – Boise, Idaho

“Absolutely transformative. The techniques and insights I learned have become valuable tools in my daily life.”

– Raoul – Chico, California

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