Embrace Your Spiritual Calling with Oneness Living

A Journey of Enlightenment and Service

Feel the pull towards a life beyond the ordinary? Oneness Living offers a path for those drawn to enlightenment and aiding humanity’s shift towards unity. This unique journey combines simplicity, devotion, and community living with profound spiritual practice.

Key Pillars of Oneness Living:

Commit to serving humanity in various capacities, from teaching and organizing events to participating in mystic ceremonies at Ekam. Your service is tailored to your passions and past life imprints, guided by the wisdom of our enlightened sages, Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji.

Non-Attachment & Celibacy:
Embrace a life free from worldly attachments and romantic relationships, focusing solely on selfless service and spiritual growth.

Commitment to Enlightenment:
Dedicate yourself wholly to your personal evolution, striving to live in oneness consciousness.

Community Living:
Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, living together in support and simplicity, all connected by the shared vision of awakening humanity to oneness.

Joining Oneness Living:

If you’re over 18 and under 40, single or divorced, in good health, and free of financial burdens, Oneness Living could be your calling. Begin with a year-long stay at one of our Ekam campuses, serving in various roles. With the blessings of our Mukti Gurus, you may transition from a novice to a fully ordained member of our community, dedicated to enlightening humanity.

Embrace this life-changing opportunity to serve, grow, and live in true oneness.